Hi polka music fans, my name is Craig Ebel, the host of It's Polka Time!

It's Polka Time! is heard all across the United States and over the Internet. The purpose of this website is to increase the awareness of the show and to promote all styles of polka music.

It's Polka Time! with Craig Ebel celebrates 25 years on the air! Click on the champagne bottle for more.

Craig Ebel was inducted into the International Polka Association's Polka Music Hall of Fame! Click on the IPA note for more.

Craig Ebel joins Polka Parade! Polka Parade is the only Polka music radio program that originates from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now in their 32nd year, Polka Parade keeps the polka musical tradition alive by broadcasting four hours each Saturday over WJYI 1340AM...

...with German music from 8-9am, Polish style from 10-11am, Slovenian/Cleveland style from 11am-12pm, and a mix of polka styles from 12-1pm. Along with wonderful advertisers, Polka Parade is also supported financially by its listening audience.

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